Finally, I am starting my own blog. The idea about it was in my mind for a long time. But till now, the laziness was winning over productivity. This is about to change and I am very excited about it.

There are several reasons for creating this blog, but let me tell you the main one. I am very enthusiastic about programming and new technologies. Therefore, I am exploring and learning many new things all the time. But this doesn’t last a long time because other (newer) technology comes by and I start doing something else.

The idea of this blog is to write tutorials, reviews about my learning experience. This should keep me more focused. Another benefit of teaching is that you learn a lot. Teaching is the best learning. However, this is the theory, let us see how it will work in practice.

The plan is to start the blog with a series of tutorials on concurrent programming with C++.

So, enough talking. Let’s explore exciting unknown world!